Being a writer you are deemed to read and understand and accept the following terms and conditions. Therefore it is important to read and understand the terms and conditions.

A clear understanding on the rules and how they apply to how work is done and submission and this will help in the development of a more rewarding working environment.

In this case the importance of the rules is that they will be the basis for the working rules and guidelines for the environment.

The following is the definition and meanings of the words used in the terms and conditions:

  1. The “company”, “Ours” or “Us” shall mean and refer to writers Academic Paper Writing Agency.
  2. The “Client” shall mean and refer to the individual or corporate that uses the company’s services.
  3. “The Paper” shall mean and refer to the original written product drafted by you in accordance to these Terms and Conditions that entail and not excluding the research, academic papers, review and other products.
  4. “You” or “Writer” or “Yours” shall mean or refer to you or any other party that submits the paper on your behalf to the company.

Various clauses have been inserted in the headings are for the convincing purposes only and are subject to assumption if the event that Terms and Conditions requires interpretation.


By signing and conforming the dates in the blank spaces below, it is an acknowledgement that You have read and understood the Terms and Conditions. If signed and dates confirmed this forms a bidding agreement between You and the Company.


Once the paper is posted or submitted to the company, the copyright ownership of the paper is transferred to the Company ( this includes all the exclusive rights to use, edit and modify, adapt, publish, reproduce, translate or distribute or sell the paper as whole or in parts now or thereafter.

Also once the paper is submitted to the company, automatically a warranty on the papers’ originality is stamped by You and that it is not previously published or under consideration by a third party.


When you decide to apply and participate in the academic writing services that are provided via our website. This means that you are the qualified writer in good standing. The system can bar you if false information or incomplete information is provided and all payments due withheld under the Terms and conditions that are signed and confirmed by the writer.


In the undertaking of the writing duty of s, academic papers, report making, researches and literature reviews and speeches in the varied disciplines in accordance requirements of the customer and thereafter of the Terms and Conditions. You can check or confirm your order’s page via e-mail, calling the office or asking the involved parties.

The company seizes to be the employer unless You work in our premises or remotely and has appended a signature on the official contract of employment.


  • All written papers should be in full compliance with the requirements that follows;
  • You should closely follow the Customer’s Requirements
  • The content of the paper should be of high quality
  • 100% originality should be maintained
  • The paper should properly attributed and referenced
  • Punctuality in work delivery must be observed
  • A minimum of 275 words per page must be observed
  • Use only Times New Romans font 12
  • All papers must be well attributed and referenced
  • In accordance to the assessment the all papers must be saved in Microsoft Word
  • As determined by the Client all papers must strictly follow the citation styles; APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago.
  • 1” margin from either side
  • Double spaced lines
  • Good grammar and punctuation must be strictly observed
  • All ideas and information used must be properly cited and referenced
  • Based on the Client’s demand footnotes and detailed or annotated bibliographies must be used.