Paragraphs writing

paragraph writing has a still another name and form Expansion of Idea.

There are certain rules that need to be followed in writing a paragraph. The examiner just gives some subject or quotes a proverbs or a saying and what is required is to expand the idea which is contained in that saying. Something, some good thought has been put in a few words but that may contain a lot of things that can be said on the point.

It is an idea condensed in a few words and that idea has to be elaborated and expanded. While doing so examples can be given, illustrations may be quoted.

But certain things have to be kept in mind while expanding the idea into a paragraph.

The first and foremost rule in writing a paragraph is that the point contained in the subject or the saying should be properly understood. There should be no beating about the bush; the paragraph writer should come to the main central point just at the beginning. No introduction is needed to come to the central idea.

Then, the second thing which has to be kept in view is that every sentence of the paragraph should be an advancement of the idea, not a repetition. Each new sentence should take the idea forward.

There should be a development of the thought – no digression. Unity of thought is the keynote of a paragraph.

Each sentence should appear as a logical development of the idea expressed in the previous sentence. Sentence should succeed sentence in such a way that there appears a sequence which may appear natural.

A good paragraph writing would mean the progression of the idea. Finally, the paragraph should begin with a striking sentence which carries the key idea behind the subject, the saying or the quotation. That would, at the very outset make it clear to the examiner that the examine has caught the point. Thereafter the road becomes clear.