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Letter On receiving a Birthday Gift

PERSONAL LETTERS — (To direct relations)
On receiving a Birthday Gift

50, Jubilee Hostel
Allahabad University
December 2, 20

Respected Papa,

I was so delighted to receive your telegraphic money order for Rs. 200/- as a Birthday gift to me. You have always remembered to send me something as’ a Birthday gift. This time when I did not get any even till two days before my birthday, I was feeling a little disturbed — how and why I have not received anything from you. I felt that either you had gone out on tour or got otherwise busy and just missed to send anything but then this amount received through a telegraphic money order gave me such a delight. I always need your blessings more than anything and the moneyorder contained your blessings too in the message. How much I value them and feel so happy to receive them.

I shall use this valuable amount in throwing out a party to four of my dear friends here in the hostel, who would also feel so happy to know about this gift. I, of course, could not have afforded to extend this party without this money. Once again I crave your blessings and of Mama too. Kindly convey my regards her too.

May I tell you that I would be saving Rs. 50 out of this amount to purchase a nice pen which I had seen only yesterday at a shop and had very much liked it. This would remain with me as a valued gift for my examinations in which I shall use this. I wish I could really do well at the examination to pay due honour to this gift from you as I shall take it.

I am studying hard and all my arrangements in the hostel are fine. The mess is serving reasonably good food and I keep supplementing it with the snacks that Mama had packed up for me when I left last after the vacations.

I shall keep writing to you. Do please keep writing back to me. My love to dear Ritu.

With respectful regards,

Yours affectionately,


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