Advertisements are a topic that can be quite difficult to grasp. This is because it is very easy that potential readers might lose interest quickly if the first few words are not powerful enough to convince them to continue reading.

First of all, it is essential to start showing some very clear definitions. In other words, in a few phrases written at the beginning of the essay advertisement in question, writers should be extremely clear about the problem being discussed, and why they are writing specifically about this topic.


Later, to give more seriousness to the article, it is a good idea to explore different viewpoints that different players might have about the topic in question. This specific part should not be underestimated, because here more than anywhere else a thorough research phase will be required. This include things such as:

  • reviewing all kinds of mass communication media, including Internet, TV, radio, newspaper, etc;
  • trying to reach out to people who have used the products and services offered by the brand in the industry in question, and try to get their opinions about it;
  • and also, sometimes it might be even necessary to get in contact with the brands involved in the creation of the products and services in question!

Another good idea to supplement what has already been included in the advertising essay in question is to reach out to advertising companies. They will have a more general overview about how companies are approaching a specific problem, and to discuss whether they are succeeding or not in their ideas.

Writing about advertising ethics

Ethics are another extremely broad topic that can be well covered when writing about advertising. Recently, there have been some major controversies about how different companies have conducted their advertising campaigns. This has resulted in some very negative reactions from competitors, the general public, and even from the inside of the companies responsible for the campaign in question.

Here, those interested in writing advertisements essays, might approach this problem from a few different perspectives. For example, it might be a good idea to compare advertising campaigns from the present and the past and see how they have changed to attract a very dynamic population. On the other hand, people might want to see the more competitive side of things, and see what lengths companies are willing to go in order to make their brand as visible as possible.

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