Nature is one of the most beautiful things that any human might experience at some moment of their life. It is so diverse and so colorful that there are many things to write about. However, sometimes people can be overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts before starting to write an essay. Here some tips will be given in order to put those ideas in order, and produce a high-quality article.


These introductory essays shouldn’t be an article full of objective information and data. Instead, it is expected that people write from the bottom of their hearts what they feel when being next to a beautiful part of nature. For this reason, and in order to show that this is a personal writing rather than something written with a more scientific approach, it is recommended to start with a quote.

After this quote, which obviously should be related to whatever is being written, people should continue by writing what they felt, heard, saw and everything else that they perceived when being in front of nature. Also, as it is important to make people feel related to what is written in essays about nature, it is a good idea to write parallels to the experiences being narrated.

How to defend a statement in a thesis about nature

While some nature-inspired texts might follow an artistic approach, on other occasions it might be useful to write a statement and present various arguments for or against it. These arguments must be backed up by things that people can agree with, including:

  • data;
  • differents point of view;
  • and even personal experiences!

There are many topics that people might need to argue for or against in a short essay on nature. For example, people may discuss the use of fossil fuels, renewable energies, the damage that humanity is producing to the environment, and many other things. The good news is that it is possible to draw inspiration directly from nature in order to defend or attack a certain position.

Some people might want to argue based on how our ancestors used to live, and how they seemed to be in harmony with nature. On the other hand, it is possible to show numbers and statistics about how a certain action has played for or against nature during recent years. In any case, and regardless of the approach that writers decide to use, there are a few key things to take into account. First, all the ideas should be put into order, then, the best approach should be chosen. Finally, the ideas should be presented in a clear manner.

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