Many kinds of writings will involve a lot of research. Of course, it is essential for writers of a specific essay, thesis or any other kind of document to properly mention the sources from where they have obtained the information that they used. There are some strict rules that everybody should follow when citing works written by others. One of the most followed rules is to write essays in Chicago style. This way of writing is followed by millions around the world, who come from all kinds of disciplines. This means that practically any person with the intent to obtain a university degree, for example, will need to know how to properly cite works written by others.


There are two main systems within the Chicago framework that people may use for properly citing other works. They include:

  • the Notes-Bibliography method;
  • and also the Author-Date system, which is probably the most widely seen of both ways!

The notes bibliography method is preferred by people on humanistic disciplines. Here, everytime that the writer wants to cite another document, it will be necessary to put a number next to the relevant word in the main text, and later add in the bottom of the page the bibliography associated with that number.

Using the different systems

As previously mentioned, the most widespread of these two systems is the Author-Date system. Here people will put next to the paragraph or phrase that they extracted from another source, a parenthesis with the last name of the author of the work being cited and its year of publication.

Across the Internet, books, and other sources people will come across lots of Chicago essay format example. Therefore, it will be quite easy to be acquainted with these extremely important rules.

There are a few other rules that people should follow when writing paper Chicago style. First, it is necessary to keep the font size between 10 and 12 points. On the other hand, the font itself should be extremely clear. Also, these rules dictate that page numbers must absolutely be included. They should be added to every page of the document being written except for the first one.

Finally, there are a few extra rules concerning spacing and margins. However, in general terms, people must ensure that the essay they write looks clear, with a readable font, and in a format with spaces that make it comfortable for the reader.

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