Processes are something that will need to be described lots of times during a university career or in many other instances and contexts. In general, these kinds of essays are instructional documents that can allow people how to follow a certain procedure. Whether writing about how to bake cookies or how to construct a nuclear reactor, all these writings have some critical aspects in common, such as:

  • all aspects are clearly described, in other words, readers should have absolutely no doubt in determining when a certain step ends and where the next one begins;
  • there should be a logical narrative, meaning that people should understand that each step has an influence on the next;
  • it is necessary to be concise and efficient, this is done by choosing the most suitable words for each step!

When reading a process essay, there should be a sensation of something like looking at a chain. In other words, readers should know that every single aspect of what they have read is a link in a larger picture.

How to arrange items in a process essay

Some processes are quite simple and straightforward. In other words, there will be a step 1, step 2, step 3, etc, without deviations. However, in more complex processes, there might be a step where the reader might want to go in two or more different directions, describing two different actions that may be done for achieving exactly the same purpose. Later, these two or more divergent courses might converge back into the main process.

Regardless of the complexity of the process, there is a critical step that should never be overlooked: all the steps always must follow a chronological order. In other words, under no circumstances, for example, step 4 comes before step 3, unless there is a very specific reason for it.

Also, it is important to ensure a good cohesion during the process of writing an essay. This is done by using transition words such as “then”, “later”, “next”, and many others. This will give a good cohesion to the essay in question by outlining very clearly when a step ends and where the next begins.

In general, process essays are extremely important writings that probably most of us have used at some moment. Whether it is for installing software in a computer, setting up a new appliance, applying for bank services, and many other situations. The fact that we have been able to do something by following one of these essays speaks a lot how important all the aforementioned aspects can be.

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