Essay on Unity is Strength

From the very beginning of humankind, we have discovered proof that strength rests in numbers. In the current situation, when there is rivalry all around, and everyone is hustling to make their way to the top, not many people understand the significance of the world wide phrase ‘Unity is Strength’. People feel more powerful and […]

Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a revolutionary invention as it has improvised the thinking capability of humans. Artificial Intelligence has brought high efficiency and transparency in all the fields. AI is ruling everywhere, from very tiny technology like chips to vast applications like computers, surveillance cameras, healthcare devices, and mobile phones. While using apps like Google, […]

Essay on Festivals of India

A festival is nothing but an occasion or event that is celebrated, with the intention of rejoicing, and bringing people and communities together, typically on the same day or period every year. Indian renowned for its diverse cultures and lifestyle of people, the festivals in this regard, are no different. These festivals can be of […]

Essay on Where there’s a will there’s a way

Where there’s a will there’s a way All of us dream of achieving many goals in life. But usually, many of us fail to succeed, and we end up cursing our faith. The fact is that only we are responsible for our failure and misfortune. Dreaming to achieve something is not enough. We should have […]

Essay on Importance of Education

The Importance of Education Essay What is Education? The process of acquiring knowledge or, learning skills, values, beliefs, and habits, can be defined as education. Simply put, education is the process for a person to gather knowledge by learning, practicing, and experiencing ideas that provide a better understanding of something. Learning has various purposes such […]

Essay on Time Management

Every form of life on the earth is born with a limited life span; we humans are no different. The life expectancy of an average person is around 72 years, according to the United Nations report. Throughout our life and almost everywhere in nature, we experience various inequalities, such as – in terms of the […]

Time and Tide wait for none essay

Time and tide wait for none essay, essay on time and tide wait for none for class 8, time and tide wait for none meaning, time and tide wait for none short essay Every life form on the planet is born with a limited lifespan. Hence, time is undoubtedly a precious commodity as life is […]

Essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Essay on a stitch in time saves nine, essay on a stitch in time saves nine for students, short essay on a stitch in time saves nine, essay on the importance of a stitch in time saves nine ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’-Meaning ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is a wise proverb which […]

Essay on Leadership

Essay on leadership for students, 500+ word essay on leadership, best leadership essay, essay on leadership qualities, essay on leadership skills, what is a successful leader What is Leadership? Leadership is the skill to motivate, help, and guide a group of individuals to perform a specific task. Whether the work is official, like leading a […]

Essay on Integrity a Way of Life

500 word essay on integrity, integrity paragraph, importance of integrity in life What is integrity? Often the road to success and harmony in one’s life is the combined result of their skills and their personality traits. Skills are extremely important to create something useful, resourceful and profitable. However, it is through the finer qualities such […]