Essay on Our Pets – Dog and Cats

ESSAY ON OUR PETS — DOGS AND CATS Keeping pets is also a pleasant hobby. A dog has ever been a favourite pet with people. There is a quite a reason for this choice. A dog is a very faithful and loving a pet as well as a great watchful creature. People keep a dog […]

Essay on Curse of Dowry System

Essay on Curse of Dowry System In a patriarchal society such as ours that accords sub-ordinate status to women, the position of a girl child is indeed vulnerable. In case of financial difficulties, it is the girl child whose education is sacrificed in order to manage the household and take care of the other younger […]

Essay on Make in India

Essay on Make in India : Mission to Glory India’s 68th Independence Day gave a new vision to its citizen by its new Prime Minister . The vision has created a buzz among all the people and sectors alike. The inspiring vision is seen as the new formula for the success Of every individual, every […]

Essay on Man is the best of god creation

ESSAY ON MAN IS THE BEST OF GOD’S CREATION makes the hero Hamlet of his play ‘Hamlet’ say, ‘what piece of work is a man’. What has been said by Hamlet is really a great truth. Man is the best of God’s creation. He is the best being among the living  creatures. Man is the […]

Essay on Mars Orbiter Mission

Essay on Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) Termed as third world country, popular as being a nation of snake charmers, yet India leaves no chance to amaze the worlds This time Indians have surprised the world yet again by showing its expertise in Science and Technology department.Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) or Mangalyaan (in Hindi) is India’s […]

Essay on Indo-China Relations in 2020

Indo-China Relations in 2020 The two nations had partnered their growth since the dawn of human history. Precisely, this relationship is a never-ending saga. Friendship, as well as wars, both have been an integral part of this relationship. In terms of war, the Qin dynasty of China has been described as part of Mahabharata- The great war, […]

Essay on ISRO

Introduction to ISRO The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is considered to be one of the most promising space research organizations in the world today, mainly due to its excellent track record of being able to produce results under challenging circumstances and limited resources. The vision of ISRO is to utilize space technology for various […]