Essay on Women Permanent Service Commission

Permanent commission for lady officers in indian army, permanent commission in army upsc The women of India have often been an active part in protecting our motherland and its countrymen during the times of war and have fought alongside men. Lakshmibai, the Rani of Jhansi, is one such example, she is considered to be a […]

Essay on Women Empowerment

women empowerment essay upsc, women empowerment in India, article on women’s empowerment in 1000 words Women Empowerment: When I was young, I remember how we used to chant BHARAT MATA KI JAI in a school assembly. Back then, I don’t apply to get its meaning as this is how we as kids are, without knowing the single […]

Essay on Safety of Women in India

women safety in india essay upsc India is known all over the world for its great tradition and culture, where women are worshipped in the form of Sati, Savitri, Durga, and Lakshmi. But if we take a glance behind the curtains, the story is totally different. Indian women work in all fields like politics, banks, […]

Essay on Child Labour

1000 words essay on child labour, essay on child labour for class 10 Childhood is the most memorable phase of everyone’s life; whether the person is twenty-five years old or is sixty, he will smile and will become nostalgic sharing his childhood memories with others. The essential thing that make our childhood memorable is the […]

Essay on Malala Yousafzai

Essay on Malala Yousafzai Malala Yousafzai, the supergirl from Pakistan who was all over the tabloids in the year 2013, for her bold stand against Taliban’s oppression and crusade for girls’ education. She was chosen as the ‘Woman of the Year 2013’ by Glamour Magazine and was in the time’s list of “100 Most Influential […]

Essay on Girl Education

500+ Words Essay on Girl Education, Importance of Girl Education Education is the basic and essential need for every single human in the world, irrespective to their gender, caste, religion or race. It doesn’t only improve the knowledge of a person but also enhance his/her quality of living. In this developing world, education is the […]

Essay on Women Entrepreneurs in India

Top 5 most successful women entrepreneurs in India Gone are those days when starting a business on a large scale, being self-employed or, reaching a leadership position in a corporate environment was nearly impossible for women. India’s women have come a long way from just being housewives to being an equal match for even the […]