Imporove yor skills in plagiarism free paper writing

 5/5 Very often, students encounter a problem in the process of avoiding plagiarism in a research paper. Good practice is tobuild your work on the conclusions and findings of known scientists. Believing that there are some sources where you candirectly copy information and someone’s thoughts and nothing horrible will happen – is a mistake. […]

Fresh lock at reflective essay outlinte

 5/5 Having done an outline for self reflection essay is the dawn in a draft of a good-made paper. The main feature of a such essay is in the importance to contain the personal aspect in it. Helping yourself to arrange your thoughts you should have an outline written in the beginning of your […]

How to collect data for research projects?

 5/5 The preparation of research projects is an important part of scientific activity. Data collection should be carried out in a certain sequence, which will help in the future to prepare the highest quality material for publication. If you use an inaccurate method of collecting information, this will also affect the final result. Collecting […]

How to write an essay about yourself?

 5/5 Writing an essay about yourself is one of the important skills that every modern student needs to possess. Here it is important to find the optimal approach and follow the given structure of the material. This is far from the usual letter that is taught to write at school. To write essay on […]

Essay on Plastic Pollution

 5/5 Essay on plastic pollution upsc, causes of plastic pollution, plastic waste management in india essay, plastic pollution in india With the advancement of modern equipment and technology, an unbidden issue of pollution is alarming all over the world. Pollution means contaminating land, water, and air in the environment. Land can become polluted by […]

Essay on Communal Harmony The Need of the Hour

 5/5 It is no exaggeration in the saying that India is a land of diversity in India, since time immemorial, people belonging to various religious faiths have lived in harmony and pence. It has shaped the India of today. We have adapted all the great fundamental values and traditions in our culture that promote […]

Essay on population explosion

 5/5 Essay on population explosion A Hurdle in India’s Growth It is rightly said that the shortcoming or the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function”. For countries like Spain. Canada and Italy, where the population is decreasing, population explosion might. the considered as a boon. But for a developing country […]

Essay on Unemployment in India

 5/5 Essay on unemployment for 10 class Unemployment has always been one of the hot topics in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s oratorical addresses. The mounting rate of joblessness in the country only acts as an obstacle to the path of development. A densely populated country, India is home to the world’s second largest population. […]

Essay on Poverty in India

 5/5 Essay on Poverty in India Pledge to eliminate poverty has figured prominently in the election campaigns of all of India’s political parties since the country gained independence in 1947. Yet the ruling parties of all times have been accused of exploiting poverty rather than putting in place effective measures to tackle it. Poverty […]

Essay on Has India Lost its Cultural Roots

 5/5 Essay on Has India Lost its Cultural Roots India is to divers, with so many different ethnic, religious and linguistic communities, that it is hardly possible to speak of its culture and society, better to speak of its multiplicity of cultures and societies. In the fifties, India was portraying 400 million distinct men […]