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A letter to mother in wanting her to postpone fixing up his marriage.

A letter to mother in wanting her to postpone fixing up his marriage.

27, G.N. Hostel
Allahabad University
January 20, 20

My dear Mamma,

It was really a surprise to receive a letter from you, as perhaps, this is the first one that I have received during these last six months that I am here. But then I felt so good that you wrote it.

Only what you write is rather disturbing. I am yet to get my appointment letter, though I have finally made it to the Bank P.O. Competition. After I get the appointment letter, I shall be joining my training course which will last for three months, only thereafter shall I get my posting orders. Everything, therefore, is all so early and so premature. Let me at least settle down in my new job and adjust myself in it, before I can think of marriage and all that.

So why do you propose to be in such a haste about it. I am just 24 years—not getting two late for marriage. Do pray, consider my point too. I know of your anxiety and your concern for me, I do know that you have chosen a girl whom you have liked. Believe me, I shall go by your choice I know, one whom you choose would be the best for me but then, it would be no harm waiting at least for a year more. The girl would also have completed her computer course by that time that would be so good. She also, then, can take up a job if she wants to and I am sure you do not mind that too.

You want me to come down and meet the girl myself. That I would do, if you so want it. But please, mamma do not hurry for the marriage that I would really and earnestly pray..

I have ever respected your wishes they have been commands for me and in this matter also I shall abide by your choice but then give me, please, just one year to mentally settle down in my new job and in my new environments. Hope you would appreciate my point and the girl’s parents would also understand my stand.

Please tell Papa about it. I am not writing to him for the present, rather would talk to him when I come there. I shall be reaching there on February l. During this period I have to wind up my affairs here before I finally leave the hostel.

Pray, do not take any, offence on what I am writing. Give it a cool consideration. I am all for your Wishes You are my loving mom.

My regards to Papa and love to dear Anshu.

Your affectionately,


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